How to Monitor Social Apps on Samsung Galaxy S21?

It is undoubted that social apps offer a plenty of benefits for us. However, there might be potential dangers that teens may be exposed to when using social media apps without parental control. In this article, you are going to learn what the major risks of social apps. Importantly, you’ll be presented with how to effectively monitor kids’ social apps on Samsung Galaxy S21. Learn More

How to Track Kids' App Activities on Samsung Galaxy S21 Remotely?

Samsung Galaxy S21 has already been released. Before you get this new phone to your kids, something must be done. It is not wise of parents to give their children phones without setting rules. By the time you want to track kid’s app activities, it is just too late for they’ve removed everything that is intolerant for you. Importantly, you don’t want excessive screen time about your kids, right? Well if so, this article giving 2 ways to remotely track kid’s app activities on Samsung Galaxy S21 might be beneficial. Learn More

4 Ways to Locate or Track Your Lost or Stolen Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Ultra

It is said that nearly 2000 phones get lost or stolen every single hour; however, most people only realize that there are a plenty of ways to get them back after they lost their phones. Chances are slim to recover lost phones without preparation. We know the feeling that when you pat down your pocket, thinking about your lonely Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Ultra somewhere out in the world. So in this article, we’ll show you 4 tips on how to remotely locate or track your lost or stolen Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Ultra. Learn More

Remotely Track Browser History on Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Ultra

Are you curious about someone else's browser history? How to remotely track browser history on Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Ultra? Those browser histories reflect what people think about and give you chance to learn more about their minds or lifestyle. If you a responsible parent, you might want to find out whether your kid is exposed to any inappropriate websites. If you are the people in relationship, don't you want to know what your boyfriend or girlfriend is browsing with their phone? For the boss, they might also want to track employees' web histories. Anyway, if you are looking for ways to remotely access someone's browser history without knowing, then you can stop searching now. And this article is going to show 2 easy ways to remotely track browser history on Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Ultra. Learn More

Manage Screen Time and Set Parental Control on Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Ultra

What is your average screen time per day? And how about your children? What are the impacts of excessive screen time? A study finds that today’s children average 7 hours a day of screen time which means they are likely to be bombarded by entertainment media if without parental control. Some screen time could be educational, but too much of it definitely leads to problem. In this article, we are going to show you 4 ways to manage screen time and set parental control on kid's Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Ultra. Learn More

How to Block WhatsApp on Mobile and PC

So if you kid who also spends massive time on the app texting with friends classmates or other people, even if at midnight. As a parent, you need to do something to stop your kid from wasting too much time on the social apps that he/she needs to put on the study or other exercise. The good news is, there are something helpful that you can do indeed. And this article gives you options to set limit or directly block WhatsApp on your kid's mobile device or PC. Learn More

Top 5 Apps to Monitor & Control Kid’s Android in 2021

The year 2020 was unusual for us everyone, especially for parents. During the quarantine, all plans were broken up by COVID-19 and kids might be forced to have online learning with their smartphones or tablets. In this particular case, parental control apps have been widely used to track kid’s digital devices and limit their screen time. After taking several aspects into account, we’ve compiled top 5 apps to monitor and control kid’s Android in 2021 for your reference.Learn More

How to Get My Husband Current Location by His Phone

We've heard about queries from worried parents who want to find out where their kids go to after school. We've heard about employers who are afraid that their employees might be meeting with their competitors. And also spouses who are suspecting their partner of cheating on them. Worries could will disappear until you get a confirmation. If you are a worried wife, a rel-time location tracking to your husband may relax you. If you want to track your husband's current location in mobile phones secretly, you come to the right place. Learn More

3 Ways to Locate or Track Your Lost or Stolen Google Pixel 4/4a/5

If you just picked one model among all new launched Google pixel phones, then you are lucky to come to the right place. Because you are going to learn some practical tips and tricks regarding Google Pixel 4, Google Pixel 4a and Google Pixel 5. In this article, we’ll show you some effective tips on how to remotely locate or track your lost or stolen Google Pixel phones. Learn More

How to Remotely Track Samsung Galaxy A21/A51/A71

It would be extremely stressful once your phone is lost. Phones play more and more important role in our life. All private data and precious memories are stuck in a small phone. We recognize this need and is you set up your phone in advance, then you probably find your device after its loss. What's more, if you are afraid of a cheating partner, you can also learn a practical solution to track his or her Samsung Galaxy A21/A51/A71 remotely and secretly. All location histories and app activities are easily be checked within several steps. Learn More

Remotely Track Kid’s WhatsApp and Set Parental Control on It

For concerned parents, they are so worried that kids may chat with strangers having bad intentions or privately share inappropriate contents with their friends. If you are seeking for easy ways to track kid's WhatsApp account and set parental control like blocking or limiting screen time on WhatsApp, then you can totally find them in this article. Learn More

How to Set App Time Limits and Block App on iOS and Android?

If your kids spend every evening glued to their device, what would you do? A lot of parents might choose to shut off WiFi at night but kids can also figure out ways to connect to their neighbors’. Are there are any other options available to shut down kids’ smartphone usage? Yes! There are parental control apps to keep track of and control their smartphone without physical access. In this article, we demonstrate how to set app time limits and block app on iOS and Android for parents to reduce kids’ screen time. Learn More

Top 5 Website Filter Apps for Android Device in 2020

Now you can easily access any kinds of website in this information age. You just need to type several keywords in Google or other browsers, there are massive related websites which you can quickly access. However, these websites are not suitable for your kids, they may be vulnerable to these contents. The good news is that now you can put a website filter tool on the search results to stop your kids from viewing inappropriate contents. So this article lists top 5 website filter apps which you can install on your kid's device, you can choose a preferable one after you read. Learn More

Manage Screen Time and Set Parental Control on Huawei P40

Spending too much time connected to phones has negatively impacted our life. We can easily list a plenty of effects of smartphones addiction, but we seldom have will to overcome it, needless to say for young kids. So outside help may be greatly needed to manage screen time and set parental control on mobile devices and this article takes Huawei P40 as an example to demonstrate how to achieve it. Learn More

How to Locate Lost or Stolen Huawei P40/P40 Pro

We may experience some embarassed situations, such as forget where we leave our smartphone behind. What's worse, someone took our device when we carelessly put it somewhere unsafe. It really hurts when it comes to our new smartphone like Huawei P40 or P40 Pro. We not only lost our device and money, but also the precious data on it. If it unfortunately happens to you (we hope not), you may wonder if there is way to find it back? Sometimes, if you just forget where you put your device on, you can remotely locate it or ring it so you can then find it quickly. But if it gets stolen, the only thing you can do is trying to locate and lock the device remotely, and then call the police. So how to remotely locate your lost or stolen Huawei P40? The following methods may be helpful. Learn More

3 Ways to Remotely Locate Your Huawei P40/P40 Pro

No matter you want to locate the lost Huawei device or you have other reasons to locate your Huawei P40 or P40 Pro remotely, this article lists 3 great ways to help you locate your Huawei P40 or P40 Pro. Now let's not keep you waiting and get started. Learn More

2 Best Ways to Set Parental Control on Redmi K30 Pro

Simply talking about screen time limits and responsible online actions is far from enough to keep a safe online environment for kids, so you’ve got to figure out the best parental control solution without letting them undo it. This article taking Redmi K30 Pro as an example offers 2 solutions for parents to set parental control on Android devices. Learn More

4 Strategies to Cope with Your Kids during Coronavirus

As the coronavirus spreads rapidly, measures of self-quarantine are taken by governments around the globe to slow the spread of disease, leaving parents to search for educational apps or websites to enrich their life and parental control solutions to enhance their online-learning. If you are facing these challenges, well you’ve come to the right place. This article offers you 4 strategies to cope with your kids during Coronavirus. Learn More

Top 3 Apps to Track Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra

If you just buy your child or spouse a new Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra, and you want to monitor the usage of it for some reasons. You may wonder if there is any handy app to track the Samsung Galaxy S20? When you enter your question on the browser to search for an answer, you can see many apps or services with much useless information there. How to find a truly helpful app within them? No worry, this article lists top 3 apps that can help you track the Samsung device easily. Please simply read on this article. Learn More

Track WhatsApp Messages from PC and Samsung Galaxy S20

WhatsApp which specializes in cross-platform messaging and enables users to message one another between mobile devices and web has become the world’s most popular text and messaging application since it was launched in 2009. Have you ever thought that you can spy your significant other or child to figure out whom he/she messages to and what they are talk about? This article is aimed to show you how to track WhatsApp messages from PC and Samsung Galaxy S20 for you. Learn More

Track Snapchat from Huawei Mate XS

Being the most fun way to share moment, Snapchat makes it easy to capture and send photos and videos among friends and families. People are increasingly inclined to share their life with Snapchat, followed by desire to hack their child or the other part. This article offers you 2 ways to hack Snapchat from Huawei Mate XS in the hopes it works for you. Learn More

View Browsing History on Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Ultra

I just came across a question on Reddit and that is ‘You can suddenly check any one person's internet browsing history; whose do you look at and why?’ The top answer I found is pretty funny which is ‘I would love to see Donald Trump's search history, although I probably already know what's there.’ So have you ever thought you can view one’s browsing history on smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Ultra or iPhone without him or her knowing? Learn More

View Hidden Photos of Facebook on Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Ultra

As the biggest social networks with huge millions of active users, around 300 million photos get uploaded on Facebook per day. People can block the one or get him/her tagged even those photos are public for privacy reasons. For those who want a parental control or desire to figure out whether him/her is cheated by the other part, you may wonder to know how to see hidden photos of Facebook on smart phones like Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Ultra. Learn More