View Browsing History on Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Ultra

I just came across a question on Reddit and that is ‘You can suddenly check any one person's internet browsing history; whose do you look at and why?’ The top answer I found is pretty funny which is ‘I would love to see Donald Trump's search history, although I probably already know what's there.’ So have you ever thought you can view one’s browsing history on smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Ultra or iPhone without him or her knowing? Learn More

7 Ways to Set Parental Control on Xiaomi 10

For those all the typical "I’M NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG BUT I’M GOING TO HIDE EVERYTHING" response, parents always have nothing to do. If you are those who are worried about kids spending too much time on their smartphones, posting inappropriate photos of themselves or browsing unhealthy websites, this guide offering 7 ways to set parental control on Xiaomi 10 is one not to be missed. Learn More

How to View Screen Time on Different Devices?

Too much screen time will ruin our eyes especially for children who are weak in self-control. What’s more, it always distracts them from the finish of to-do-list. If you are a parent or have children living with you, you may wonder how much time they spend on various devices. This article offers you how to view screen time on devices running major operating system so that you can set limitations on it. Learn More

How to Ensure Online Learning with Monitoring App?

Learning in environments like classrooms seems more acceptable for children. But under certain circumstances such as epidemic diseases which force children to study at home, online learning is the way to go. Thanks to the spread of the internet and development of mobile devices, kids can even access to the online courses via their phones. However how to prevent children from playing online games or watching online videos on their devices during their e-learning can be a question. This article is going to help you how to ensure digital learning with monitoring app PanSpy installed on the mobile devices. Learn More

How to Monitor Employee Call Logs?

For certain jobs that need communicating with clients over smartphones, there may exist demand for monitoring app installed on employees' company-owned devices for supervision of call logs. With a monitoring app, supervisors can realize whether subordinates virtually work from home to some degree. Learn More

How to Set Parental Control on YouTube for Android?

Have you got the impression that Paul, a 22-year-old comedic actor with 15 million subscribers on YouTube, sparked outrage after posting a video which appeared to show the lifeless body of a person who committed suicide? It is reported that at least five billion videos get viewed every day on YouTube, which makes parents think twice about what their kids are watching online. So it is pretty necessary for parents to set restrictions on YouTube for their kids. Learn More

How to Secretly Access to Your Husband’s Facebook?

You may be curious about your husband’s lately abnormal behaviors, wondering whether he is cheating or keeping secrets from you. Well getting access to his Facebook messages may be crucial to unveil the truth. If you are figuring out the way to get access to your husband’s Facebook without him knowing, using monitoring app------PanSpy is definitely a choice for you. While spying isn't the most honest or ethical way to approach the situation, it might be the only way to prove what you've been suspecting. Learn More

Be a Safe Solo Traveller with Monitor App Installed in Android

You may have struggled with bitterness in whole year. The seeds of it were planted long ago and you were dying to be a free walker to erase it. Travelling alone can be a quite different experience compared with family, friends, or your special someone. But there are several tips you’d better follow when travelling solo. However, the tips for those young and vulnerable teenagers desiring for travelling alone during their long vacation, like the upcoming Christmas festival are far from enough, so those parents even they are librals may have much concerns about kids' safety and sanity. Have you ever considered to utilize a monitor app to locate them and offer instant help in emergency? Well PanSpy is such a powerful monitor app designed for Android to indicate real-time location. Learn More

Overcome a Gaming Addiction by Using a Monitor App for Android

Gaming addiction acknowledged as the greatest challenge -----bigger than the traditional issues of homework or healthy eating is being an enormous and growing concern for parents who in extreme case even ask for sleeping pills for their children. The first thing parents should do is to spot the signs of gaming addiction which has potential risk, but then again, intelligent use of online games does have its outstanding merits. The key here lies in how to effectively control your kids’ screen time. Well if you are those anxious parents, this article can definitely ease your mind by introducing a monitor app installed in your children’s Android phone without being noticed. Learn More

How to Track Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend's WhatsApp Message

How to prevent your boyfriend or girlfriend from cheating on you? You should take some actions before things getting worse. That's why you need to track your partner's WhatsApp, which has been widely used to text with others. You should get aware of who he/she has been talking with and what are they talking about all day long. So now the question is: How could I track my boyfriend or girlfriend's WhatsApp message? It seems to be very difficult in the past, but now, there are many tools we can use to get it done. And this article will list some options to help you track boyfriend or girlfriend's WhatsApp message: Learn More