How to Stop Being Addicted to Snapchat

As one of the most popular social media apps in the world, Snapchat is just about on every teenager’s smartphone. A downside has begun to become apparent, though, as this app continues to increase in popularity: Snapchat addiction.

If you found your kids became addicted to Snapchat and are wondering how to help a kid to stop Snapchat addiction. This guide will help you out. In this article, we will let you know about Snapchat addiction help and what thoughtful steps a parent should take. Read on to learn how to get rid of Snapchat addiction.

Part One. 6 Signs You're Addicted to Snapchat

There’s a fine line between a hobby and an addiction and unfortunately some of us are falling towards the addiction end of the spectrum when it comes to Snapchat these days. Here are 6 signs you may need to take a break from your Snapchat app.

stop Snapchat addiction

Here are some Snapchat addiction symptoms:

  1. It’s part of your morning routine to check Snapchat stories. Forget about the lovey dovey good night texts from your SO that are still waiting to be read, Snapchat is your number one port of call in the AM. In fact, you’ve usually snapped a selfie and added it to your story before you’ve even gotten out of bed.
  2. Your Snapchat Story is more than 120 seconds long. This is usually the first sign that you have been doing too much on Snapchat. The word “snap” in Snapchat conveys the idea of something quick and snappy. So yes, in the context of the Snapchat world, a two-minute collection of videos and pictures is quite a bit.
  3. You spend too much time on uninteresting subjects. In fact, you spend so long binging on everyone’s snaps that by the end of the day you’re convinced you’ve been out and about when you haven’t even left your bed. Oops!
  4. You have to Snapchat everywhere you go. Just so you can see what the location art looks like.
  5. You put everything on Snapchat. Your friends don’t need to go out with you anymore, they can experience everything through Snapchat.
  6. You feel like you know the celebs you follow. Feel like if you saw Kylie Jenner walking down the street she’d totally stop and have a good chin wag with you over her boy and lipstick troubles? Yep, you and her 30 million other followers, ladyriend.

Part Two. 5 Strategies for Breaking Your Addiction to Snapchat

Through understanding the signs of Snapchat Addiction, you might realize why Snapchat addiction should be taken seriously. Now, let's learn how to break Snapchat addiction.

  • Use a parental control app. If your kids spend too much time on mobile phone (more than 1 hour a day), you should set time limit where you’re only “allowed” to go on it. PanSpy is such a professional phone adiction solution specializing in tracking and monitoring Snapchat activity on kid's phone. With this application, you can add a time restriction to the device.

  • Set internet time limit

    In addiction, you are also able to block Snapchat app when you do not want to be disturbed or distracted.

    block phone Apps

  • Turn off your notifications. One of the easiest ways to feel less inclined to check your phone is disabling those notification pop-ups that draw you in. Better yet, turn the sound off your phone or put it on “Do Not Disturb” mode so you’re not tempted to check every time you hear it vibrate.
  • Go offline. If you can, simply take a break from all social media apps for a few days. Try to go offline and focus on what really matters in your life. Go out and meet your friends instead of chatting with them on Snapchat.
  • Read before bed. Studies back up what parents have known for generations: Creating a bedtime ritual all but guarantees that young children will fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. Our recommendation? Reading. Snuggle up with a book, turn the lights down low, and allow the words to lull you to sleep.
  • Physically remove yourself from your phone. Before bed, plug in your phone to charge outside of the bedroom. This way, you won’t be tempted to take a peek at those notifications just one more time.

  • We tend to turn to social media to keep ourselves busy but it really only distracts us from what we should be doing. Whether you want more time for yourself, your schoolwork, or for your mental health, it’s time to break your addictions to Snapchat. Hopefully, this guide can help you stop being addicted to Snapchat.