3 Best Ways to Hack Someone's Instagram without Them Realizing

Since Instagram has been one of the most popular videos and photo-sharing platforms in recent years, more and more people start sharing their daily life videos or photos and exploring new friends there. Positively speaking, users can find like-minded friends on Instagram and get positive energy from them. However, everything has its dark side.

There are numerous reasons when you want to hack someone's Instagram. Some people may need to catch a cheating boyfriend/girlfriend whereas others may hope to protect their teenage kids from being hurt by violent elements on Instagram. In addition, if you are a small business owner and want to make sure your employees are in the position, it’s necessary to learn some hacking skills. In this article, I will list 3 efficient ways to hack someone's Instagram without them knowing.

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Remotely Monitoring Instagram with PanSpy

PanSpy is a professional mobile phone data monitoring app that has millions of users already. It’s originally designed to help parents monitor their children’s mobile phones usage. Not only kids could find positive energy but also violence and hate on the Internet. Also, PanSpy is an excellent app if you want to catch a cheating boyfriend/girlfriend. Currently, it supports monitoring almost all social apps including Instagram. Moreover, if you are an owner of a company, PanSpy allows you to know whether your employees are focusing on their work.

PanSpy main interface

Here are some easy steps about how to hack Instagram with PanSpy:

Step 1: Create a PanSpy account

Firstly, you should create a PanSpy account using your email on the sign-up page. To get the confirmation email and the download link, I highly recommend you use an authentic email to register.

Create PanSpy account

Step 2: Activate account

After you have successfully created a PanSpy account, you will receive a confirmation email that allows you to activate the account and contains the download link. By clicking the link given in the confirmation email, you can download the PanSpy on your target phone.

Step 3: Set important options

Launch PanSpy on the target phone and authorize the access to all types of data on the target phone like Launch Management, Accessibility, Notification Access, etc... To get the real-time data on the target phone, you should make sure that all these important options are authorized.

Set important options

Step 4: Authorize optional permissions

After you've set up all of the necessary permissions, click the Next button to proceed forward. You may provide PanSpy app access to all of your desired data in this section. If you simply want to monitor Location, for example, you can only set up Location access; if you want to spy on all data, you must set up all of them.

Set optional permissions

Step 5: Start monitoring

After you have authorized permissions, You may remove the program icon if you want PanSpy to operate in stealth mode. On the right, click the Setup icon button, and you'll be asked if you want to keep the icon. Select your preferred choice, and then tap on Start Monitoring.

Step 6: Preview data on the computer

In the end, you must return to your computer (or device) after completing the setup process on the target device to view the monitored data. On the control panel, you can always get to the data. When you initially log into the control panel, it takes a while for all of the data from the monitored devices to sync. All available features are presented on the panel, and you may access the data by clicking on each category. Simply click the refresh button to sync the most recent data from the destination device. 

Key Features of PanSpy:

Hack Someone's Instagram Using Phishing

Using Phishing websites is the most common method to hack someone's Instagram account without them realizing it. To make a realistic Instagram log-in page, you are only required to have some basic programming skills. Once you have made the fake website, you can share it with people who you want to monitor on. Most people will not suspect this when they see a link shared by a friend, let alone when the fake link is so realistic. After they have put their log-in information on the fake log-in page, you will get their account and password then log into their Instagram.


Reset Instagram Password

If you have access to the bound email or phone of the Instagram account you want to hack, you can just reset the Instagram password on the log-in page. It’s the most simple way to hack someone's Instagram since you have access to the bound email or mobile phone, but I will not recommend you to use this method since the owner will realize that his or her account has been hacked.

Reset instagram password


To sum up, all these three methods mentioned above have been tested effective to hack Instagram account. If you don’t want people to know that you have hacked their Instagram, you can use spyware like PanSpy or make a fake Instagram log-in page. One final point to mention is that you’d better hack someone's Instagram out of kindness or monitor on their Instagram legally, otherwise you probably get sued.