10 Best GPS Trackers for Android Phone 2021

Have you ever thought that it’s necessary to install a GPS Tracker on your phone since some people usually lose their phones and have no idea how to deal with that? Also, others may worry about their children’s safety during the worldwide pandemic, they need to make sure that their kids stay at a relatively safe place.

To satisfy the daily increasing demands for the mobile device tracker, we have listed the top 10 GPS trackers for Android phones in 2021.

1: Panspy-- Provide Ultimate Parental Control Solution

Panspy is a featured rich software that is commonly used in parental control and monitoring employees. Not only PanSpy can help you track the real-time location of the target phone but also supports monitoring all the real-time activities on the target phone. The only thing you need to do is download PanSpy on your mobile devices and make sure that all sets are correct. In addition, PanSpy allows you to hide the icon if the target phone is running the system earlier than Android 10. So the owner of the target phone may not know they are monitored by someone else.

panspy dashboard

Key Features of PanSpy:

How to Track An Android Device Using PanSpy:

Step 1: Subscribe PanSpy.

Go to PanSpy official website and click SIGH UP to create your account first. Then active your account through the confirmation link you received. Login with your account and start to set the monitor. Choose Mobile Device - Android (currently only work for Android and we will open for iOS soon) and the edition you want. We provide Premium Edition and Ultimate Edition, you can click here to know more about the difference between them.

Create PanSpy Account

Step 2: Install PanSpy on Android device.

Once you successfully subscribed PanSpy, follow the download link to download PanSpy on your target Android device. Login with your account and follow the instructions.

Step 3: Start Tracking the Android Phone.

Now go back to your PanSpy Control Panel to start monitoring Android device. Select 'Locations' option and you can view the current location and previous spot of the Android device. You can monitor other operations did on Android device in real time as well.

track device's location

2: FamiKit

FamiKit is a professional parental control app that is aimed to help parents teach their kids how to use mobile phones correctly and make sure kids are not in danger. Parents will have access to the real-time location once FamiKit got installed on their kids’ phones. Also, parents can set a safe zone on their phones and once their kids step out of the safe zone, parents could get the alert immediately. Even though FamiKit currently doesn’t have too many users like other old brand parental apps, it still attracts some people because of its high Price-to-Performance Ratio.

FamiKit dashboard preview

Key Features of FamiKit:

3: GPS Phone Tracker

GPS Phone Tracker not only allows you to track the real-time location of the target phone but also helps you directly track the phone number even though you will not have physical access to the target you want to track. Since more and more SMS scams emerged, it’s necessary to have a phone number tracker like GPS Phone Tracker.

GPS Phone Tracker preview

Key Features of GPS Phone Tracker:

4: Find My Kids

Find My Kids is a very popular parental control app that is designed for kids’ safety. Unlike other professional GPS trackers, Find My Kids has some special features designed for kids’ safety. For instance, parents can also listen to kids’ surroundings if kids don’t hear your calls. Once kids are in danger with a potential predator, parents could immediately know where their kids are and find them out.

Find My Kids main features

Key Features of Find My Kids:

5: FamiSafe

FamiSafe is one of the most popular parental control apps that is loved by a lot of parents since its affordable price and powerful features. It provides 3 main subscription options to its customers. With FamiSafe installed on your kid’s phone, you can easily know the real-time location of your kid and set a safe geofence. Once your kid is out of the safe zone you have set, you would get an alert immediately. Additionally, FamiSafe can also help you to record the driving behavior of your kid and you could get the driving report of your kid.

FamiSafe main features preview

Key Features of FamiSafe:

6: iSharing

iSharing is more like a location-sharing app instead of a phone GPS Tracker. With iSharing installed on the phone, family members will know the accurate location of each other so the safety is guaranteed. iSharing is a very practical app for people who have several kids at home, we all know that parents could not stay with their kids for the whole day so a real-time GPS tracker is important in this situation. In addition, iSharing also allows users to track their phones in case they lose their phones incautiously.

iSharing features preview

Key Features of iSharing:

7: Life 360

Life 360 is also a real-time location-sharing app that is similar to iSharing. Each member in the family could share their location in a secret ‘circle’ created by Life 360 and parents will have access to the location history of their kids. In addition, Life 360 supports monitoring driving behavior to help you raise a good driving habit. For example, Life 360 would friendly remind you when you have reached the limit speed.

Life 360 preview

Key Features of Life 360:

8: KidsGuard Pro

As its name said, KidsGuard Pro is a highly professional phone data monitoring and GPS tracking app designed for kids’ safety. It allows you to obtain all the data that is generated by mainstream apps on the kids’ phones and track their real-time location for safety. Once you find that your kids have met a potential predator, you can immediately get involved.

KidsGuard Pro preview

Key Features of KidsGuard Pro:

9: Spyic

As a parental control app for Android, Spyic has a lot of the same features as others. Nonetheless, the price of Spyic is way too expensive as a parental control app and it also limits the number of target phones users can spy on.

Spyic monitor messages

Key Features of Spyic:

10: Where’s My Droid

As its name shows, Where’s My Droid is one of the most popular phone tracking apps worldwide and it has already served millions of users. This app is designed for people who are afraid to leak their privacy after their phones are lost. Where’s My Droid supports tracking the real-time location of the target phone even it’s under low battery conditions.

Where’s My Droid preview

Key Features of Where’s My Droid:


All the 10 apps mentioned above have been tested effective to track the real-time location of the target phone. Some of them have versatile features that support monitoring kids’ activities on their phones like PanSpy and FamiKit whereas others focus on real-time location tracking. We highly recommend you to try PanSpy since it has powerful features and a competitive price. Don’t be hesitant to try it if you need a GPS tracker for Android phones.